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It's well before Halloween, but a caldron of hatred is brewing in D.C.

"The Adrian Fenty loss is only the latest evidence that while African Americans will happily mouth the expected cliches about wanting good schools for their children; they really do not want to pay the dues. . . . In a way, they are reminiscent of their own dim witted teenage children," one poster wrote.

How did Fenty and Rhee attract so many hateful people?

Is this the bitter fruit of Fenty's attempt to scare white voters with his made-up Halloween story: Vote for Gray and, poof, Marion Barry will appear trick-or-treating at your door? Or Rhee scaring black voters by posing on the cover of Time magazine with her broomstick?

"All the wonderful progress made by Fenty is wiped out by one stupid move by the D.C. electorate. For the first time D.C. has professional managers working for D.C. . . now they will all be fired or be asked to leave, simply because they aren't African-American," one poster wrote.

Are we to believe that such people really wanted Rhee to stay because they care so much about educating poor black children-the "low rent trash," the "dim wits"? Do the prognosticators want Gray to fail because they think he might actually help the poor - and not them?

The continuing stream of insults lingers over the political landscape like smoke from a witch's flying broom. But it too will vanish, along with those who blackened the sky. And Gray will succeed, surprising the naysayers even more than he did last week.

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