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Date Lab: This 'zesty' pair inspires an impromptu party

Sabita: Of course, we could only drink a little bit of it because, at this point, we were chocolated out. It was about 8:45, and we still had a whole camera worth of photos to take [for Date Lab]. [Paul] said, "We should take pictures that are totally unexpected, like at National Airport with us boarding a plane to Mexico." I loved that idea, but I was like, "National is so far." So we decided to go to Whole Foods and take pictures in the wine and chocolate section.

Paul: I remembered that I was obliged to give a report to the two friends who not only urged me to sign up but also helped me to fill out the questionnaire. When I brought this up, Sabita said, "Let's go over and see them." So the two of us marched over to my friend's building, which is only a few blocks away.

Sabita: Suddenly there were, like, six of Paul's friends, and we were all up on the roof drinking wine. They were so nice. I was thinking, I'd really love to hang out with these people again.

Paul: She was very comfortable jumping into a group. She jelled with them right away. I think it was about half past 10, and we'd told all the jokes we were going to tell, so I escorted her home.

Sabita: He walked me to my door and asked for my phone number, and I gave it to him. Then I said, "Well, we'll talk soon." He gave me a hug, and he went next door.

Paul: I am not a big dater. I find it all a little too formal. And this was a lot of fun, so compared to everything that I'm used to, this is a 5 [out of 5].

Sabita: I would [rate the date] a 4. I definitely had a good time and would be open to going out with him again.

-- Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

Update: A week later, the two met again for "a quiet glass of wine," Paul says. No word yet on whether a third date's in the works, but at the very least, "it's nice to be neighbors," he says.

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