The D.C. deficit

Monday, September 27, 2010; 9:13 PM

The D.C. deficit

How the District ended up with a budget shortfall of up to $175 million in the fiscal year that begins Friday.


D.C. public schools special education overrun: $25 million to $30 million

Increased life and health insurance premiums: $5 million to $7 million

Unrealized federal dollars for Medicaid: $33 million to $35 million

United Medical Center: $3 million

Total: $66 million to $75 million

Reduced revenue

Property tax: +$9 million

Sales tax: -$49 million

Income tax: -$65 million

Business tax: -$4 million

Deed tax: +$36 million

Lottery revenue: -$16 million

Gross receipts: -$9 million

Total revenue shortfall: About $100 million

SOURCE: Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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