Boo who? The brains on 'Dancing With the Stars' think it was a Grey matter.

This season's competition and finale.
By Lisa de Moraes
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The ambient booing heard by home viewers of Monday's "Dancing With the Stars" -- right before the camera cut to host Tom Bergeron next to Sarah Palin -- caused such a "major imbroglio" Tuesday that the show's producers addressed it on that night's show.

Viewers watching Tuesday's results show were treated to footage "that was never intended to air," co-host Brooke Burke told celebrity dancer Jennifer Grey and her partner, Derek Hough, who were at the center of Monday night's maelstrom.

The never-before-seen footage would bolster the producers' position that booing erupted over the score bestowed upon Grey for her performance and was not directed at Palin.

"Thank God we had a camera on the grassy knoll," Bergeron told Entertainment Weekly late Tuesday afternoon.

Oh, yes -- he really did.

"I want to talk to both of you because there was quite a buzz in the press and there was a little bit of controversy in the ballroom last night," Burke pretend-informed Grey and Hough, but we all knew she was talking to us, watching at home.

"When you got your scores from the judges, everyone was booing. Now the press reported that they were booing for Sarah Palin," she said, oozing incredulity from all her gorgeous pores.

"No, no!" said Grey, shaking her head.

"So I've got a clip I want to show you. . . . I think it's going to show us what actually happened," Burke said, as though speaking to much-loved peahens who were dropped on their heads as chicks.

The kerfuffle erupted Monday when viewers watched Grey, Hough and Burke as they were all hangin' in the postmortem chamber and trying to figure out what all the booing was about in the ballroom. The raspberry ruckus could be heard shortly after Grey and Hough were awarded the night's highest score from the judges.

"There's booing in the ballroom -- we don't know why," a perplexed Burke reported to viewers, who also could not see what was happening in the ballroom.

"Why is there booing?" wondered Grey, who had just finished hugging Hough after hearing the good news about their score.

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