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Glenn Beck is obsessed with Hitler and Woodrow Wilson. (I'm just saying.)

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank explains how Glenn Beck, the conservative television and radio host, has a tendency to liken people to Adolf Hitler and inject parallels between progressives and Nazis.

A sampling of Beck's views of the 28th president:

"This is an evil SOB, man."

"One evil SOB -- bad dude!"

"I mean, he's a dirtbag racist, is he not?"

"I hate this guy. I don't even want to show his picture. No, don't do it. Don't show it. I hate this guy."

"The biggest racist president [who] ever served."

"He was a horror show, wasn't he? A horror show, possibly the spookiest president we've ever had."

On his first show on Fox News, in January 2009, Beck promised to explain "what tactic Obama [is] borrowing from Woodrow Wilson" (and that other ne'er-do-well, FDR) "to make sure his agenda gets pushed right straight through."

As promised, Beck was on the next night, venting his fury at poor Wilson. "A president I never really learned about in school at all, Woodrow Wilson--what an SOB this guy was!" he began.

Had he paid attention in school, Beck would have learned that Wilson was a conservative political science professor and president of Princeton University before he became governor of New Jersey and then president in 1912. This was the Progressive Era in America, a period from about 1891 to 1921, and Wilson ran on a progressive platform.

And that is why Beck hates him. The Progressive Era was the time of muckrakers and such things as the struggle to abolish child labor, break up monopolies, clean up meat-processing plants and give women the right to vote. For Beck, this was a dark time.

"As I study history," the erudite host proclaimed in March 2010, "I see that a lot of the problems -- most of the problems, in fact -- stem from Woodrow Wilson and the progressive movement." Progressivism, he says, is "the cancer"; the movement behind both Nazism and communism; a creed under which "people are secondary to the Earth and animals"; its adherents people who are "full-fledged eugenic racists," barbarians who "will cheat. They will lie. They will steal. And they have, in the past, blown things up if it helps them win."

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