Political football: Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell

The Washington Post
Saturday, October 2, 2010; 1:53 AM

Edward G. Rendell is the governor of Pennsylvania and a regular post-game television analyst for Philadelphia Eagles games.

October 3rd will go down as one of the wildest nights in the wild and wacky sports history of Philadelphia - perhaps the most sports-crazed city in America. When it comes to pro football, however, Washington D.C. is not far behind us. So the repercussions from the outcome of the Eagles-Redskins tilt will be felt for a long time in two great American cities.

I was in D.C. last Tuesday and almost everywhere I went, when people recognized me they said: "Thanks for sending us Donovan." It was great to hear how well-liked Donovan McNabb had become among Redskins fans in such a short time.

Although opinion about Donovan is split in Philadelphia, the majority of our fans, myself included, believe he was a great quarterback who gave his all, played hurt and led us to the most successful decade in franchise history. He always worked hard to benefit our community and to be a positive role model.

Despite the incredible level of play by Michael Vick - and no quarterback in the NFL is playing better - we miss Donovan. But as true, bleeding-green Birds fans, we are hoping for a 35-31 Eagles win.

Donovan's return would have been special under any circumstances, but Vick's amazing resurgence adds an extra dimension to the game. Eagles fans were anticipating a showdown between Donovan and Kevin Kolb, whose emergence led to the trading of McNabb. The Eagles' brass believed the team had a better chance to succeed with Kolb at the helm.

We all circled October 3rd on the schedule in anticipation of the showdown. But an injury to Kolb opened the door for Vick, and he charged right through it. He is playing so well and the team believes in him so strongly that Redskins fans should face harsh reality and pick the Eagles this week in their survivor pools, Donovan notwithstanding.

Go Birds!

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