Whose cabin?

A $2 million history blunder?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

george32: "I can offer the Council family property on Georgia Avenue in Wheaton and on New Hampshire Avenue with great historical significance - according to our oral tradition."

ProfessorWrightBSU: "The reasonable preservation of America's history (good and bad) is good for us as a nation and important for our children's future. The only question is whether the price paid was reasonable."

blasmaic: "If a business makes bad decisions, it goes bankrupt. If a government makes bad decisions, it raises taxes and cuts services."

ounanm: "It would have been more prudent if they'd spent $2 million educating today's children on the book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin.' "

illogicbuster: "$2 million could have put quite a few black inner-city kids through college."

donnolo: "One log cabin is pretty much like another. Does anyone really care whether a spittoon was one that Henry Clay spat into or an old whiskey bottle was one General Grant drank from?"

viewpoint3: "Anyone buying in Montgomery County should know he's paying too much for whatsoever he is buying."

kurttj2002: "Just pretend it's the right one. No one will even notice."

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