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After a preseason win over the Mavericks, Wizards Gilbert Arenas talks of John Wall's entrance and his own exit

A somber Gilbert Arenas assesses his role on the team following the Wizards' victory over Dallas on Tuesday night.

Saunders predicted before the game that Wall would "do three or four spectacular things" in his debut and Wall delivered. He amazed the crowd early when he chased down Kidd on what appeared to be an easy breakaway layup. Wall was called for goaltending, but he rapidly covered a lot of ground.

Wall later intercepted an Ian Mahinmi pass intended for Kidd and zipped down the court to make a left-handed layup. But his best play was actually a pass: a lob from beyond the three-point line to JaVale McGee (13 points, 7 rebounds and 6 blocks) that McGee caught and dunked with two hands over Brian Cardinal.

"That was the hypest play for me," Wall said of the alley-oop to McGee. "The main thing was getting the jitters out of the way and having chemistry down pat with my teammates."

Still sporting a fresh cut above his eye after taking an elbow from Blatche (22 points, five rebounds) the day before in practice, Wall didn't have any trouble setting up his teammates and initiating the offense. With his jersey soaked in sweat, Wall finally took a seat with 5 minutes 14 remaining.

Early in the third period, Hinrich stole the ball from Butler, setting up Wall on the other end, where he was fouled.

As Wall stepped to the foul line, Arenas and Hinrich shared a laugh. Arenas was back to smiling on the court, and Wall is pleased to share the floor with him.

"He's a great guy; I can't control what happened last year," Wall said. "Having a guy like Gilbert that can make shots and also get to the basket with the same ability, helps you out and takes a little pressure off. You never can judge somebody off something that happens."

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