Zingaya Launches Tweet-To-Call Service, When 140 Characters Isn?t Enough

Steve O'Hear
Wednesday, October 6, 2010; 5:08 AM

Zingaya, the UK-based VoIP startup, has launched a fun new service today that makes it easy for your Twitter followers to call you. I'm calling it tweet-to-call in reference to the company's main offering, its click-to-call widget that can be embedded on any web page. Dubbed zin.to, here's how the new service works:After logging in through Twitter, you're asked to link your account with either a phone number (U.S.-only for now) or your Skype username. Next you choose whether to let any of your followers call you or only a specific Twitter user. And finally, you specify the window of opportunity or how long you want the tweet-to-call option to be open. The service then sends out a tweet along the lines of "@sohear please call me within 30 minutes via http://zin.to/".Pretty neat, huh.

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