Nuptials: Wendy Zhang & Mac Hooks

(Photo by Ruben Gamarra)
Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wendy Zhang, 25, is a neuroscience doctoral student. Mac Hooks, 36, is a medical researcher. They live in Silver Spring.

The date: Aug. 28

Location: Woodlawn Manor

Guests: 90

How they met: In 2008, while studying for her doctorate, Wendy had a lab rotation where Mac was a new postdoctoral researcher. Mac's adviser introduced the two. Several months later, they went on their first date to a New Year's Eve concert in Baltimore and then returned to Wendy's apartment. After watching fireworks outside, Mac took Wendy's hand and she said, "Is it too soon to say I love you?" (Wendy says she couldn't tell the difference between "like" and "love" in English back then.)

The proposal: Mac chose the Lincoln Memorial as the setting for his proposal because he wanted a place they'd be able to visit throughout their lives. At sunset, Mac handed Wendy a photo album he had made of their visit to her native China; at the end of the book she found postcards from their many international friends, all inscribed, "Wendy, say yes!"

The wedding: The couple incorporated elements that reflect Wendy's culture, including a tea and wine ceremony, invitations featuring Wendy's drawing of a Chinese wedding character meaning "double happiness," and programs shaped as folding fans (an art for which her native Hangzhou is known). Mac and Wendy each wore three outfits over the course of the evening.

The honeymoon: No traditional honeymoon is planned, but in October, the newlyweds will travel to China for two weeks to celebrate their marriage with more of Wendy's family and friends. Mac's twin brother will join them.

-- Michelle Thomas

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