Squirrels refuse medical care

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Saturday, October 9, 2010; 7:29 PM

ALEXANDRIA, Raleigh Avenue and N. Jordan Street, Sept. 29: A person called Animal Control about an injured squirrel on the sidewalk.

An Animal Control officer tried to examine the squirrel, but it jumped up and ran up a tree. The officer said the squirrel was probably not seriously injured. Another squirrel was spotted on the sidewalk nearby, and it did not move when the officer approached.

It was taken to the Animal Welfare League for examination, but upon arrival, the squirrel became alert and resisted attempts to be handled.

The officer saw a small cut on the top of its head and said the squirrel might have suffered some sort of trauma.

Because the animal appeared to have recovered from the trauma, the officer took it to the area where it had been found and released it.

Among cases handled by the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

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