What next for Rhee?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

morewoodroad: "Rhee could pull down an easy six-figure job as a consultant or as a fellow at a think tank. Why bother running another school district and put up with the crap from school boards, teacher unions and parents?"

jamalmstrom: "Keep her away from education, keep her away from the media."

EddDoerr: "Maybe Michelle Rhee could get a job as a classroom teacher, in the District or elsewhere."

DC_Original: "The faster Gray removes her the better."

confounded: "Good luck, Michelle, in whatever you do. And thanks for trying to help turn around an apparently ungrateful Washington, D.C."

blasmaic: "D.C. is really holding her back. We must be respectful of her potential. Sure, things won't be the same without her, but we can't just think of ourselves."

SamRon1: "Anyone in the K-12 domestic education space knows who's who and their value and Rhee is way up at the top."

nate20011: "It will say a lot about her when she leaves. If she truly believes in her ability to turn around a school district, she'll be on to the next job. If it was all about the money/fame, we won't see her come close to a school district again."

keyboard1: "May D.C. voters get what they demand. Will their children get the education they deserve?"

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