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Findings secret on crash that killed nun

Sister Connie Ruth Lupton, 75, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was hospitalized in a long-term acute-care hospital and is starting physical therapy, Dwyer said.

"She will certainly survive, but whether she will be 100 percent, we don't know," Dwyer said in an interview.

Lupton has no memory of the accident, Dwyer said, and Lange has only a brief recollection of what happened: "All she remembers is that a car was suddenly in her face."

Dwyer said the nuns will cooperate with legal proceedings against Martinelly-Montano.

She added that the order is united in forgiving the drunk driver. "It comes out of how we live," Dwyer said.

Martinelly-Montano has been charged with felony murder, drunken driving, driving with a suspended license and manslaughter. His case is set to go to trial in March, Prince William authorities said.

Stewart blamed ICE for the accident.

"They didn't deport this [expletive] that killed a nun, and he had been convicted of DUI twice," Stewart said. "It is their policy to not deport people unless they are convicted of serious crimes. They are going to say this is some bureaucratic snafu, but they are only deporting people who commit a violent act, and since they don't consider DUI a violent act, they are releasing them."

In statistics released earlier in the week, ICE officials said that in the past year alone, they had deported nearly 28,000 undocumented immigrants who had been convicted of driving under the influence.

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