Under God

Liz Tenety, Editor
Saturday, October 16, 2010

A debate Wednesday between Delaware Senate candidates Christine O'Donnell (R) and Chris Coons (D) provided a rare point of agreement for the Republican and Democrat.

O'Donnell said that regardless of her faith, "when I go down to Washington, D.C., it is the Constitution that I will defend, and it is by the Constitution that I will make all of my decisions, and that will be the standard-bearer for every piece of legislation that I will vote on."

Coons, answering a question about the role of religion in his life, said, "I've learned to reach a balance where my private faith, the aspects of my faith that are religious doctrine, don't influence the decisions that I've made for the public in my 10 years in county office."

O'Donnell and Coons seemed to agree that "regardless" of what they believe, they do not allow their religious beliefs to "influence" their governing decisions. But it's hard to believe that O'Donnell's Christian background has not informed her stances on same-sex marriage or evolution in schools, or that Coons's spiritual awakening did not move him to reconsider how economic policies impact the poor.

- Liz Tenety

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