Carter's bottom line: Fools he didn't suffer gladly

Monday, October 18, 2010

Carter's bottom line: Fools he didn't suffer gladly

Sen. Frank Church: Renowned for the "Church committees" that investigated allegedly illegal practices of the CIA, including attempts to assassinate world leaders. Carter remembers Church "acting like an ass" and says he "ought not be in the Senate."

Sen. Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson: Two-time presidential candidate and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, whom Ronald Reagan called "one of the greatest lawmakers of the century." Carter remembers Jackson and Church "acting like asses."

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin: Carter recalls Begin "making an ass of himself."

Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler: A leader of the Reform movement of American Judaism whom the New York Times described in an obituary as a man of "grandfatherly warmth." Carter calls him a man who "always acts like an ass."

Others scolded by Carter:

West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: A "paranoid child."

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: "Can't admit that she doesn't know anything."

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy: "Irresponsible and abusive attitude."

Sen. Russell Long: "Always a complete waste of time."

Columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak: "Liars."

Sen. Robert Byrd: "Full of venom."

Senator and former astronaut Harrison Schmitt: "one of the biggest jerks in the Senate."

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