New Mexico 2nd District Election 2010: Harry Teague fighting for reelection against Stevan Pearce

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Washington Post Staff
Monday, October 18, 2010; 12:49 PM

In New Mexico's 2nd District Democratic Rep. Harry Teague has encountered a stiff challenge from Republican Steve Pearce, and even Teague's resistance to the House version of the health-care overhaul has not made him immune to the anti-incumbent backlash in his district.

As WhoRunsGov explains:

As a freshman and the first Democrat to represent his southern New Mexico district since 1980, Teague is a closely-watched swing vote on important issues.

His election was seen as evidence that conservative-minded Democrats could win in what had long been Republican territory, but the GOP has launched an aggressive effort to unseat him in 2010. His challenger is Republican Steve Pearce, who represented the 2nd district for three terms before unsuccessfully running for Senate in 2008.

Pearce and other Republicans have highlighted Teague's support of a House-passed bill aimed at reducing global warming that the GOP argues will raise energy prices and hurt the economy. Teague, however, has taken other positions that have put him at odds with a House Democrats, including refusing to support House-passed health -care overhaul legislation or the final March 2010 legislation.

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