Qwerly ? People Search, But This Time For The Social Web

Mike Butcher
Tuesday, October 19, 2010; 8:27 AM

The problem with Twitter, if it's a problem, is that the only thing people can put in about themselves is a few short words and a URL. At least on Facebook you can add several URLs, a professional history, even publish your email address. Not on Twitter. What Twitter could use is a better 'whois' style look-up which replaces the frantic Googling you have to do to find anything more about a Twitter user.New startup Qwerly, now launched into Alpha, is effectively that "whois for Twitter," or perhaps even a "DNS for people" according to founder Max Niederhofer. Since it's clear we now all join new social networks and sites, keeping track of these is an issue. I recently spent a long afternoon just collacting them for my own personal blog, for instance (and not very neatly), but Qwerly has done it quite efficiently here. So Qwerly?s mission in life is to be the ultimate directory about what services you and the people in your life are using on the public internet.

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