WWII's stolen art now found online

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new online database recording 20,000 works of art looted by the Nazis from Jews in France and Belgium during World War II shows that at least half have yet to be returned to their original owners.

The database, a joint project of the U.S.-based Claims Conference and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, is based on records the Nazis produced in Paris, and is designed to help families search for art they believe may have been seized.

"This is probably the most famous of the looting, and was done in Paris," said Wesley Fisher, director of research at the Claims Conference. "The general assumption is that most of these things have been returned, but it turns out not to be true."

The organization, which seeks to return art stolen by the Nazis to its original owners, advised museums, art dealers, auction houses and affected families to consult the listing. The database can be found at http://www.claimscon.org.

-- Reuters

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