Jon Stewart critic doesn't get it

Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the Oct. 24 Outlook section, editor Carlos Lozada implores Jon Stewart to "Cancel the rally. For our sanity." Then he says: "I know, I know, it's a satire, a sendup of rallies, a rally against rallies, a mockery. . . . I get it."

Obviously not.

Although he says he's a fan, maybe Mr. Lozada's bedtime is before the interview segment on "The Daily Show," so he has missed the many intelligent, respectful and still-funny interviews Mr. Stewart has done with folks such as Eric Cantor, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Tony Blair and Rod Blagojevich (They're available on the Internet, if he wishes to catch up.) It is possible to enlighten and entertain.

Mr. Lozada acts as if the rally is a big departure for Mr. Stewart, although Mr. Stewart said last week, "What we're doing is using the rally format to do the same thing we do with our shows," just as "Earth" is "the show in book form."

Ironically, Mr. Lozada compares Stephen Colbert and Mr. Stewart to Statler and Waldorf - those cranky Muppets who heckle the rest of the cast from the balcony. In a great theater-of-the-absurd moment, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert are inviting the rest of us to sit in that balcony and fling the biggest spitball yet. Mr. Lozada, save the prejudgment, stop being part of the hyperventilating media, and join us at the rally.

Victoria R. Ross, Vienna

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