Jon Stewart "Rally to Restore Sanity" highlights

The "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear," hosted by Comedy Central's pundits, draws people wearing costumes and carrying signs to the Mall.
Washington Post staff
Saturday, October 30, 2010; 2:14 PM

The "Rally to Resore Sanity and/or Fear," hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert came to the National Mall in Washington DC Saturday.

Jason Horowitz previewed the rally's scene:

The event also will be emphatically covered by ratings and Web-traffic hungry mainstream media -- including The Washington Post -- that Stewart and Colbert vigorously mock.

But with its Capitol backdrop, exuberant crowd and clever placards, the Stewart-Colbert rally began to look like an ironic version of the political theater it sends up. At some point, do those mocking such hubris actually exhibit hubris?

Photos from the rally here.

Lisa De Moraes has been watching and analzying the John Stewart rally telecast and pulled out these choice nuggets:

Colbert hands out his first annual Stephen Colbert Fear Award. Each recipient gets a handsome bronze fear medal depicting a naked man running with scissors.

The winners: ABC, CBS AP, NYT and especially National Public radio, for not letting its employees attend the rally. "Since they wouldn't allow any employees to attend, we were forced to [give the award] to someone with more courage -- a seven-year-old girl. Come on out darling."

"Are you scared to be here?" Colbert asked.

"No this is fun!" she responded.

Finally, the Washington Post has teamed up with Intersect to collect stories, photos, and videos of rally attendees which are being collected here. They include this dispatch from Alyssa, Mary, and Zoshia:

Alyssa Peterson of Chicago, Mary Toscano of Philadelphia and Zoshia Dunn of Albany are freshmen at Georgetown U. After shooting photos at the rally -- from an excellent vantage point on top of a Porta-Potty -- they went to Starbucks and talked about the true meaning of what they'd just seen. "Jon Stewart is sexy," declared Zoshia. "People will come here just to see him."

Said Alyssa: "It is entertainment...but people are getting tired of fringe politics." Her favorite sign? "The people who know the least are the loudest."

Mary's favorite: "I'm scared and I don't know why."

Full coverage of the "Rally to return Sanity/Fear" here.

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