Domestic dispute ends in teen's death

By Michael Laris
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, October 31, 2010

Angel Morse was 13 when she was shot and killed Friday in Northwest Washington. Her mother and younger brother survived what police described as a domestic dispute. A day later, family neighbors in the Brightwood area couldn't get past that number.

"Thirteen," said Joetta Heintz. "She just started getting her life, her adulthood."

Heintz said Morse was the type of person whom she would have trusted with her own granddaughter. "This one here was a sweet one," she said.

Donna Hawkins, who lives next door, would see Angel sitting out front, enjoying time with her family.

"They did a lot of laughing and giggling. They were nice kids," Hawkins said. "They were pretty happy, or seemed to be."

In the moments after the shots, a suspect carjacked a Toyota Camry and, later, a MetroAccess sedan, police said.

An off-duty U.S. Park Police officer reported seeing a vehicle for which a lookout had been broadcast, D.C. police said. Police chased the vehicle into Maryland, where it crashed on Kenilworth Avenue.

D.C. police said Friday that Robert Carter, 39, of Northwest, was being held in Prince George's on a fugitive from justice warrant.

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