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O'Donnell faces obstacles in effort to air 30-minute TV ad in Delaware

Qualls added: "It was all their people's fault."

He said he is a Republican and had planned to vote for O'Donnell, but the tape situation changed his mind. "She's lost my vote," Qualls said.

O'Donnell spokesman Doug Sachtleben said he was not sure why the ad did not air Sunday night. "I don't know if it was something on the cable channel's side," he said in an interview.

Sachtleben said the ad is scheduled to air on Channel 28 twice each on Monday and Tuesday, at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and that the campaign is negotiating on Monday for an airing on WBOC-TV, the Fox affiliate in the Delmarva Peninsula.

The campaign's plan Tuesday "is to go station to station with a DVD in hand begging anyone to run it," said the source.

O'Donnell has run behind her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons, in every recent public poll. The ad, titled "We the People of the First State," is a last-ditch effort to win over more support before Tuesday's election with a closing argument that O'Donnell, unlike Coons, connects with people of Delaware.

But Sachtleben said the campaign is unlikely to air the ad in the Philadelphia market, which covers the more densely populated northern parts of Delaware.

In an interesting twist, the ad guru who has produced O'Donnell's television ads, Fred Davis, was not involved in producing the 30-minute video. Sachtleben said it was produced by Screaming Dime Productions, a firm from California.

It is billed as a 30-minute advertisement, but the video is 24 minutes.

The ad, narrated by O'Donnell, opens with sweeping shots of Delaware's beaches, natural beauty and small-town charm. Then it quickly segues to footage of shuttered storefronts and "For Lease" signs.

"This video takes viewers past the filters of the mainstream media and gives a powerful look at a candidate who understands the struggles and opportunities that Delaware families are facing," Sachtleben said in a statement.

The question for O'Donnell is whether enough voters will tune in.

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