I'll take Tea Party Madness for $400, Alex. . .

By Matt Miller
Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Hello and welcome to post-midterm Political Jeopardy. I'm Alex Trebek. Let's jump right in with contestants Susan, Sam and Vivian. The categories are: Little-Known Facts; Phony Baloney; Tea Party Madness; and American Renewal. Susan, we'll start with you."

Susan: "I'll take Little-Known Facts for $400, Alex."

AT: "And the answer is: 15.6 trillion."

Susan: "What is the national debt of the United States thanks to Barack Obama's socialistic anti-colonial spending spree?"

AT: "No, Susan - though we may get there in a few short years! Sam?"

Sam: "What is Mike Bloomberg ready to spend on an independent presidential run to save the country from partisan gridlock?"

AT: "Afraid not, Sam - Bloomberg will spend that on gauzy 'let me introduce myself' ads in the first three months alone. Vivian?"

Viv: "Sorry, Alex, I . . . I just don't know."

AT: "Well, folks - 15.6 trillion is the cumulative number of brain cells the average American lost watching Christine O'Donnell ads play in an endless loop on cable TV."

Viv: "Nuts! I was going to say that, Alex, but it seemed low. . ."

AT: "Sam, you're up."

Sam: "Alex, I'll take Little-Known Facts for $800."

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