Federal workforce question of the week: How to repair employees' image?

Thursday, November 4, 2010; 6:01 PM


The federal workforce became an issue in the midterm elections. Do you expect that debate to hurt future pay and benefits? What more can the Obama administration do to repair the image of federal workers?

What you said...

The comments of Ohio Congressman John Boehner, (Washington Post Federal Worker October 26, 2010) were particularly disturbing and incorrect. I am a Federal Annuitant and my annuity is not subsidized by taxpayers; during my federal career I contributed to the CS Retirement System, as do all federal employees, including members of Congress. I understand that the retirement system is solvent and will be available for all future federal retirees, including Congressman Boehner. Therefore, Congressman Boehner should be made aware of the facts when referring to the "fattened salaries and pensions of federal bureaucrats" being subsidized by taxpayers.

Jean Oberdick

Fairfax, VA

Civil Service Annuitant

The Obama administration should run a very simple ad on TV. List the various places where Federal employees are located in the U.S., (meaning the government worker is you or your neighbor). Then list the various agencies and what they do (meaning how government employees impact your life). I think I would like to see this information myself, even though I've worked for the government for more than 30 years.

Linda Stevens


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