Ladies, You Don't Actually Buy Men On You Just Pretend To.

Roxanne Varza
Thursday, November 4, 2010; 3:34 PM

Seems like France is kind of full of dating sites. And that's probably not so surprising given that the country is often considered one of the most romantic. Hopefully everyone has now heard of Meetic, the French online dating giant listed on the Euronext stock exchange since 2005 who scooped-up's European division last year. And then there's a couple newcomers that are making headlines, like SmartDate (who scored ?2 million earlier this year so that you can date the friends of your Facebook friends) and AttractiveWorld (the name says it all, you have to be "accepted" to join the online community).And then there's Adoptaguy. Let me just preface this with the company's tagline: "Ladies, find great deals at the supermarket of love." Yes, it's cheesy and who knows, that's probably why it works. Essentially, what sets Adoptaguy apart from a lot of the other sites is that it reverses traditional roles. With a rather humorous e-commerce-like vibe, women go through the site and select the men they like by puting them in their shopping carts - and only those selected few will be able to interact with their "buyers".

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