Letters to Abraham Lincoln during his election and first year as president

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Chillocothe Ohio

April 2nd 1861

Hon. Abraham Lincoln

President of the U.S.

Dear Sir

I have this day Sent to you per the Adams Express Co one Box inclosed you fill find one pair of Slippers worked by my Little Daughter as a present for you from her. . . . I often think of you in (these) trublesome times and Pray God that he may give you Wisdom and Strenght to guide the Ship of State into the harber of Safty -- I am but a poor humble Mechanic and Seek no office But I Love my Country and would Die in its defence though I must not intrude on your time with a Long Letter will you please let me know if you receive the package and oblige

-- Yours truly S. Shreckengaust

Feb 14 1861


Mr Abe Lincoln

If you don't Resign we are going to put a spider in your dumpling and play the Devil with you go to hell and buss my ass . . . excuse me for using such hard words with you but you need it Yours &c

--Mr. A.G. Frick

Tennessee Missouri Kentucky Virginia N. Carolina and Arkansas is going to secede Glory be to God on high

Peoria, Feb. 3, 1861.

To Abraham Lincoln:

When I read over from time to time your views as to the policy our government should pursue in reference to slavery, I say God help Old Abe. Coming generations will bless you and say a prouder inheritance could not be left to your children . . . Lincoln . . . I will die with you if necessary, but the cause is ruined if we take counsel of our fears . . . My heart is in the cause & you are its representative. Hold the banner aloft it will at last triumph . . . Abe be president untramelled or die with your fame unclouded.

-- Old Abe Good bye. H. Grove

Feb 20, 1861

Mr. Lincoln-

May the hand of the devil strike you down before long-You are destroying the country

Damn you-every breath you take-

Hand of God against you

Cincinnati Jan 24/61

Hon A. Lincoln

My Dr Sir

. . . I rest perfectly easy and well satisfied that your department of the government will be administered with . . . skill, as well as firmness and efficiency . . . And if I can have any influence at the court of heaven you and your constitutional advisers will be guided by wisdom from above and divinely assisted in your difficult and important duties . . .

I hope the Lord will make you immortal until the 5th of March 1865 as he did George Washington until his work was done.

I am dear sir with much respect and sincere esteem

-- your friend John F. Wright


Abraham Lincoln Esq


You will be shot on the 4th of March 1861 by a Louisiana Creole we are decided and our aim is sure.

-- A young creole BEWARE

16 Wall St. New York

March 5th 1861

His Excellency Abraham Lincoln

My Dear Sir,

I read your Inaugural approving every argument it contains, and my heart responded "Amen" to every patriotic sentiment therein expressed...I think the honest portion of the American people are with you and will hold themselves subject to your direction whether it be storm or sunshine that may follow

-- I am very Respectfully Your Obedient & Humble Servant, H.D. Faulkner

Compiled and edited by Harold Holzer, from his books, "Dear Mr. Lincoln: Letters to the President" and "The Lincoln Mailbag: America Writes to the President, 1861-1865."

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