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Help File: Adding HDMI inputs; what's with that iPhone daylight savings bug?

By Rob Pegoraro
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, November 6, 2010; 10:11 PM

Q: My HDTV doesn't have enough HDMI inputs for all my video sources. How can I add one?

A: The answer to this question - raised in Friday's Web chat - can depend not just on your budget but on the speakers you use while watching TV.

The cheapest fix is an "HDMI switcher," a box that serves as a junction for these digital audio/video cables and should cost just $50 or so.

But if you've only used the speakers built into the TV, spending a few hundred dollars on a compact "soundbar home theater system" with a built-in receiver will considerably improve your listening while adding those extra HDMI inputs.

You'd then plug all your video devices into the soundbar or, in some cases, a separate subwoofer unit that contains the receiver, then use its remote instead of the TV's to switch among inputs.

If you already have separate speakers, upgrading the receiver powering them all to an audio/video model that can switch among HDMI inputs will solve the problem, too.

Warning: With each of these fixes, the "how do I turn on the TV?" conversation with visitors will take longer than before.

Q: What's this about the iPhone not recognizing the end of Daylight Saving Time?

A: Apple's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad display times correctly, but a bug has had alarms set to repeat every day going off an hour early after time changes - and sometimes before them, too.

Apple acknowledged the problem in a tech-support note last week. It advised setting everyday alarms not to repeat (adding an extra, one-time alarm for Sunday if necessary), then restoring the alarm repeat starting Monday.

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