Nuptials: Latosha Frink & Troy Harrison

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Latosha Frink, 33, is a government contracting officer. Troy Harrison, 36, is a police officer. They live in Lanham.

Wedding date: Oct. 10.

Location: Catering by Uptown's Town and Country Ballroom, Landsdowne.

Guests: 200

How they met: Latosha was out with her girlfriends at the now-defunct Platinum nightclub in January 2004 when she felt someone touching her hair. She turned around to find Troy. (He wanted to know if it was real.) By the end of the night, Troy had scored Latosha's phone number -- and a date for the next night.

The proposal: After five years of dating, Troy and Latosha had discussed their plans to marry at length. So the Big Moment ended up being actually pretty low-key: Latosha was folding laundry at home when Troy bent to one knee and said, "Let's make this official."

The wedding: Latosha and Troy focused on their families, with tributes that included a special dance with each other's mothers, a video montage of the bride's late father, and Latosha's symbolic presentation of her bridal bouquet to her long-married aunt and uncle.

The honeymoon: The couple vacationed for two weeks on the islands of Maui and Oahu, Hawaii, where they went scuba diving, rode motorcycles and visited with Latosha's relatives.

-- Michelle Thomas

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