Local ballet at its best

Friday, November 12, 2010; 5:16 PM

While Sarah Kaufman suggested that the Washington Ballet's recent production of "Romeo and Juliet" was, as the headline put it, "missing passion for perfection" [Style, Nov. 6], I think that Kaufman missed the point of ballet in general.

I attended opening night and was witness to the powerful pairing of Jared Nelson and Elizabeth Gaither. The story was told masterfully with the stunning and, yes, athletic choreography delivered with passion and a subtlety that allowed the audience's imagination to play a role in the storytelling. We were transported into the souls of the two young lovers and the pathos of their tragedy by the authenticity of their portrayal by Nelson and Gaither and the indefatigable facility and passion of the supporting cast, whose chemistry is undeniable.

This production above all provides hope that a smaller arts organization, Washington's own ballet company, despite this economy's challenges and limitations, can still deliver everything that draws us to the ballet and the theater - that chance to feel something we otherwise cannot reach by ourselves.

Liza W. Durant, Potomac

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