Bed bugs found in 5 GWU dorms

By Jenna Johnson
Thursday, November 18, 2010; 1:07 PM

This semester bed bugs have moved into at least five residence halls at George Washington University in the District, according to the GW Hatchet. (All together now: Ewww.)

A university spokeswoman told the Hatchet officials have found bed bugs in six dorm rooms -- four have already been cleaned up and two are in the process. The university is also treating rooms near the contaminated ones. (This isn't something new, as the university has had about two dozen bed bug cases over the past three years. So, no need to freak out -- seriously.)

GW isn't the only college dealing with creepy crawly dorm dwellers. Jeff White, an entomologist with BedBug Central, told AOL News that, "almost all colleges are dealing with or have probably recently dealt with a bedbug infestation on their campuses."

Most notably, bed bugs have been creeping across New York City in recent months. In September, there was a massive increase in reports of possible bed bugs -- but only 10 percent turned out to be actual bed bug cases, according to Washington Square News.

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