Date Lab: Table for ... three?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

7:30, Morton's the Steakhouse, Downtown

Jessica: I had never been on a blind date before. I freaked out at the last minute and took my friend Shannon with me, just to make sure everything went okay. We walked in the restaurant, and I said, "Hi, I'm with The Post." Right then Shannon whispered to me, "Do you think that's him?" I turned around and saw a guy walk in behind me. Then I was like, "Get lost, Shannon! Get lost!" I was trying to get her away when Justin pointed at me and said to the hostess, "I think I'm with her."

Justin: I guess her best friend insisted on coming to make sure I wasn't crazy or something. I didn't care at all. In fact, it was kind of an icebreaker. We had something to laugh about right away.

Jessica: Shannon went and met some friends at the bar. The bar and restaurant are completely separate, so we didn't actually see her until later.

Justin: We sat down and just started talking, getting the general, basic stuff down. She is a really pretty girl, with a very pretty face. She's definitely very attractive.

Jessica: He didn't really look like my type. I'm more into tall, built guys, maybe with dark hair. But he was very friendly and easy to talk to, which was especially great in the beginning after we've just had this kind of awkward start.

Justin: I ordered the steak, and she had the salmon. I was asking where she was from, what she liked to do.

Jessica: I told him how I wanted to travel the world. He seemed interested, but he was very quiet. I think that's just his personality. I'm a lively person. When I'm at the table, my friends know that I will be the one giving the toast. Everyone I have ever dated has been over-the-top. I get bored easily, and I need someone to entertain me and keep me interested.

Justin: I think she was doing most of the talking because I was asking most of the questions. We talked about what she was doing for work. Right now she is deciding between being a flight attendant, a grade-school teacher or [in] public relations. I've known what I wanted to do since I was 4. I guess she is still at a point in her life where she is trying to figure it all out. The attitude I am looking for is almost the mind-set of 29-year-old woman, someone who is into her career and knows what she wants and is looking to the next thing, which would be a relationship.

Jessica: He owns his own company and is very focused. That is great. But at this particular point in my life, I don't know how well that would work. I'm a free spirit.

Justin: There wasn't instant chemistry, and there was no flirting during the meal. We asked for the check. At that point, her friend comes back over from the bar to tell us she is leaving and going someplace with her friends. She asked if we wanted to come along.

Jessica: I thought the date had gone well and that it might be fun to get out of the stuffy restaurant. I looked at Justin and said, "Do you want to go with them?"

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