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Date Lab: Table for ... three?

Justin: Even if it didn't feel like things were headed to something spectacular, good company is good company. So I figured, What the hell? I'll have a drink and head home.

Jessica: We decided to have a drink [on our own] at [Lucky Bar] and meet up with my friends later. It was election night, and people were watching the results come in. I'm really into politics, and he definitely had no idea what was going on. He's definitely not a bar-scene type of guy, either. I finished my whole drink and saw that he had only drunk a quarter of his beer.

Justin: I'm usually the type to go to bed at 9:30. I work really hard during the day. We were there a little while. Then she got a text from one of her friends, so we met up with them at [Luna Grill & Diner], which was closing down. We were probably there only 15 minutes or so while they finished their drinks.

Jessica: We probably left around 11:15. He hugged me and said it was nice to meet me. We were already Facebook friends, because I looked him up while we were at the bar. Maybe he didn't ask for my number because he didn't feel like he needed to.

Justin: I would say [the date] was a 4 [out of 5]. I did have a good time. She is definitely a lot younger than I am, though, and I am lot more mature for my age than most kids, anyway. Maybe we'll meet up again, whether it be a date or just meeting as friends.

Jessica: I would say it was a 3.5. I had a good time with him, but there wasn't a lot of attraction. If he called me and asked, "Would you like to go out sometime?" I probably would.

-- Interviews by Stephen Lowman

Update: The two traded Facebook messages, but a future date seems unlikely. "The ball's in his court," Jessica says. "I don't think it's the best match," Justin concedes

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