Sarah Palin tries to lure Bristol's huge 'DWTS' audience to her series

By Lisa de Moraes
Friday, November 19, 2010; 2:09 PM

Sarah Palin hopes to lure her daughter Bristol's 20 million viewers to her own, far less popular, reality TV series this coming Sunday:

"Ah yes...Bristol-the-diva! Silly critics! See her diva-ish-ness Sunday,'Sarah Palin's Alaska' 2 learn truth, before assuming.Thanks & enjoy!" Sarah Palin tweeted Thursday afternoon.

While Sarah Palin's new TLC reality series attracted TLC's biggest series-debut audience ever, that amounted to only 5 million viewers -- a tiny crowd compared to the 20-million-ish who have been watching this season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" on which her daughter has made it all the way to the finals. Because, no matter what people might say about cable TV taking over the universe, there' s still nothing like a broadcast network for reaching a gigantic number of people.

Meanwhile, the executive producer of "Dancing With the Stars" has emphatically denied that it's possible for someone to cast more than the allotted number of votes for any particular dance team by creating bogus e-mail accounts.

Chatter about the credibility of the "Dancing" voting system grew very loud this week when commenters on conservative Web sites claimed they had been able to cast up to 300 votes for daughter-of-famous-politician Bristol Palin using fake e-mail addresses.

Tuesday night, show host Tom Bergeron announced that pop singer Brandy Norwood, one of the season's strongest performers, got the hook while Bristol survived to the final round of competition next week.

Brandy had received more points from the judges last week, while Bristol once again had wound up with the fewest points from the judges, as she had the past several weeks. This meant that, once again, public voting for Sarah Palin's daughter had kept her in the competition.

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