Key events in the Chandry Levy case

Monday, November 22, 2010; 9:46 PM

The trail to Guandique


May 1

Chandra Levy disappears. Ingmar Guandique, who came into the United States illegally from El Salvador, doesn't show up at his construction job.

May 14

Guandique attacks Halle Shilling, a 30-year-old writer who was jogging in Rock Creek Park. She fights off her attacker and escapes.

July 1

Guandique attacks Christy Wiegand, a 25-year-old lawyer who was jogging in Rock Creek Park. She, too, fights him off. Guandique is arrested 45 minutes later.

July 2

Guandique admits to "bumping into" Shilling and Wiegand and is charged in both attacks. Shown a photograph of Levy, he says he saw her in the park but did not attack her.

Aug. 26

A jailhouse informant tells police that Guandique confessed to killing Levy. His story is later dismissed by police and prosecutors.


Feb. 8

Guandique receives a 10-year sentence for attacking the women in Rock Creek Park.

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