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Earlier versions of this column, including in Tuesday's print edition, misstated the number of judging points separating Jennifer Grey and Bristol Palin. Grey was awarded eight more points than Palin on Monday night.

Poll numbers suggest Bristol Palin doesn't have 'Dancing' legs to stand on

This season's competition and finale.
By Lisa de Moraes
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 23, 2010; 12:07 AM

Just eight judging points separated "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey from daughter of famous politician Bristol Palin on Monday night as viewers began voting for their fave in the final round of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" competition.

Studio audience members began to boo when the show's three professional judges gave Bristol just 25 points for her freestyle dance, which she performed to a well-known tune from "Chicago" - the play/movie Bristol said she has never seen.

Grey, meanwhile, nabbed a perfect score of 30 for her freestyle dance, which she did to a tune from the flick "Dirty Dancing" - though not the flick's most iconic song, "Time of Your Life" because, Grey told show sidekick Brooke Burke, that one was all about her and movie co-star Patrick Swayze (who died of cancer a little more than a year ago).

"By the way, you may have noticed the subject of our voting has become a bit of a news story this week," show host Tom Bergeron told viewers during Monday's show, regarding comments that had popped up on conservative Web sites from people claiming to have figured out how to game ABC's voting system on the show. (One commenter on conservative blog Hillbuzz claimed to have cast 300 votes for Bristol, and the blog's creator said he was urging people to vote "creatively" for Palin to repay Democrats for years of voter fraud at the polls.)

"Here's the deal: We tell you every week you have to vote for your favorites to win. If you don't vote, don't complain," Bergeron said in response to the kerfuffle that was kicked off over those press reports.

"And please - don't shoot your television," Bergeron cracked - a reference to a guy in rural Wisconsin who last week pulled out a shotgun and blasted his TV after one of Bristol's performances. The guy's wife told the cops he was upset that a politician's daughter was dancing on the show, even though he felt she didn't have talent, the AP reported (adding that the wife told police, "He scared the bejebees out of me").

Remember when this show was this nice little, kinda quaint, cheesetastic dance competition?

"It sucks people still don't think I deserve to be here," Bristol complained in a taped bit at the top of the show.

"There are a lot of haters out there just waiting for me to fail. ... This just gives me that much more motivation to prove them wrong," she added.

And she did -- at least during Monday's first round of dancing, when each of the show's three finalists was asked to repeat a dance style at which they'd done poorly during this edition of the hit reality show.

Bristol re-did the jive - which she'd first attempted this season in a gorilla suit. This time, in a much nicer blue dress, she delivered one of her best performances of the season, for which the judges rewarded her with 27 points.

"Last time you were a gorilla - now you're a thrilla!" raved judge Len Goodman.

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