Faster Forward: Apple posts Black Friday teaser. But who doesn't?

By Rob Pegoraro
Tuesday, November 23, 2010; 11:18 AM

Apple doesn't have sales like most other companies -- except for one day a year. Once again, its online store has posted the equivalent of a "Don't buy anything here until Friday" warning: a teaser for its annual Black Friday sale.

What does Apple have in store? MacRumors' summary of Apple's earlier Black Friday sales, going back to 2002, notes discounts of a bit less than 10 percent on new computers, with steep price cuts on software and third-party accessories. All are available online, as well as in Apple's frequently mobbed stores.

I can attest to the value of this deal; I bought the iMac I'm typing this on during last year's Apple sale. (That's "bought" as in "with my own money." For the millionth time: No, I don't get to keep the stuff I review.)

Most of the rest of the tech industry has already put their own Black Friday teasers, covered at length elsewhere (CrunchGear's summary of the deals is fittingly titled "Black Friday Week.") The Post is no exception. Keep visiting our Black Friday page to see what we've unearthed about the coming retail madness.

What sales are you looking out for? Bonus points if you can point to discounts available online. I've never seen the point in waking up in the predawn darkness to join the masses at a mall the day after Thanksgiving.

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