Sarah Palin's 'snuff film' angers animal rights groups

By Melissa Bell
Wednesday, November 24, 2010; 12:24 PM

Though viewers are falling faster than bludgeoned halibuts (the show's ratings dropped by 40 percent to 3 million for Sunday's show), "Sarah Palin's Alaska" still has more than enough viewers to stir up controversy. Animal rights activists are up in arms over Palin's treatment of a halibut in the latest episode.

In Defense of Animals has called the footage of Palin clubbing a halibut to death a "snuff film." Alaska fisherman groups beg to differ, saying it's actually a humane technique to put down the large fish, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The former vice presidential nominee took to the seas with her daughter Bristol (off from a night of dancing, I presume), where she tells the camera, "stunning the halibut may seem a bit harsh to some, but it's the safest and most humane way to harvest these massive fish."

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