Pr. George's student on cellphone cuffed, injured

By Jenna Johnson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 24, 2010; 8:10 PM

A Prince George's County high school student was hospitalized Tuesday afternoon after an altercation at Wise High School in Upper Marlboro that involved the school's principal and two security guards, according to a county schools spokesman.

Around lunchtime Tuesday, Principal Carletta Marrow caught a student talking on a cellphone and asked her to leave the classroom. When the student refused, the principal summoned two security guards to help her restrain the student using handcuffs, spokesman Darrell S. Pressley said.

"That's when the security personnel, along with the principal, worked to restrain the student for her safety, along with the safety of the others in the classroom," Pressley said.

During the struggle, the 15-year-old student suffered several injuries, including cuts and bruises around one eye, said her mother, Sanyi McLeod, who had been on the phone with her daughter when the incident took place. The student was taken to Southern Maryland Hospital, where she received stitches and a head scan, her mother said.

"This is something much more than a cellphone struggle," McLeod said. "That was not any struggle. That was a beating."

Pressley said there is no indication that the student was beaten. Instead, the student hurt herself while struggling with the school officials, he said.

McLeod and her daughter planned to meet with a Prince George's County detective Wednesday night. Police officials said they are still investigating and could not release any information.

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