Palin fires back after North Korea gaffe

By Emi Kolawole
Friday, November 26, 2010; 11:34 AM

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin responded to criticism surrounding a recent gaffe when she said the United States must "stand with our North Korean allies."

Palin made the mistake on conservative host Glenn Beck's radio program. Beck corrected Palin's mistake moments later and Palin went on to identify South Korea correctly. But the gaffe fueled a wave of criticism from Palin's detractors. In response, Palin took to her Facebook page and cited a number of President Obama's gaffes.

In the post titled "A Thanksgiving Message to All 57 states," Palin lines up Obama's misspeaks in paragraph form -- including one in which the president mistakenly said there were 57 states. Each gaffe is linked to a YouTube video.

"Of course, the paragraph above is based on a series of misstatements and verbal gaffes made by Barack Obama (I didn't have enough time to do one for Joe Biden)," writes Palin. "Obviously, I would have been...impressed if the media showed some consistency on this issue."

Palin goes on to say that the Beck interview was one of "seven back-to-back interviews," and that her past remarks on South and North Korea had been accurate to date.

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