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At these prices, consider one golden ring instead

(Illustration By The Washington Post)
Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If you had to buy all the gifts listed in the famous song "The 12 Days of Christmas," it would take a lot more than your allowance.

Every year, PNC Bank goes "shopping" for such uncommon gifts as a partridge in a pear tree, seven swans-a-swimming and nine ladies dancing. Then they figure out how much it would actually cost you to buy (or hire) all the items listed in the song.

This year, the answer is a staggering $96,824. That's up almost 11 percent over last year's price tag for everything in the song.

The bank gets its prices from various places. Retailer Gordon's Jewelers, for example, provided the price for five 14-karat gold rings. Pet supplies chain Petco provided the price for four canaries (calling birds), and the Pennsylvania Ballet came up with the cost for 10 lords-a-leaping.

The bank says the pricing exercise is a great way to teach people about economics.

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