Going Out Guide: Nightlife Agenda

Tuesday, November 30, 2010; 11:16 PM

Free Energy

Free Energy is doing things the old-fashioned way. Sure, the first five seconds of the band's song "Dream City" is featured in a number of Flip commercials (the dog on a skateboard, the kids shooting hoops from the top of a roller coaster). But the Philadelphia five-piece is mostly gaining fans by zig-zagging across the country. When the big-riff, long-hair rockers hit the Rock & Roll Hotel on Wednesday night, it will be their sixth stop in D.C. in the last 16 months. Some local bands haven't gigged that often. With each trip to the city the band seems tighter musically, looser in their behavior and less like classic rock revivalists and more just a really rad band that likes guitar solos.

8:30 p.m. Wednesday. Rock & Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE. 202-388-7625. www.rockandrollhoteldc.com. $15.

Show and Tell

When she's not stalking local comedy club stages, Hilary Buckholtz runs "I'm Remembering," a Gen-X treasure trove of Punky Brewster video clips, photos of old Coleco arcade games, and tributes to both James Spader and collectable Smurf figurines. But the coolest (and most cringe-inducing) parts of her blog involve reader-submitted photos: Kids rocking vintage She-Ra Halloween costumes, hosting a Cabbage Patch Kids birthday party or proudly holding that He-Man set they just got for Christmas. Buckholtz brings "I'm Remembering" to life during "Show and Tell" at the Wonderland Ballroom this week, so expect first-person growing-up tales from Seaton Smith, SM Shrake and other local storytellers, plus vintage Garbage Pail Kids cards and Happy Meal toys, snack time with Fruit Roll Ups and neat-o '80s trivia questions and music between performances.

7 p.m. Thursday. Wonderland Ballroom, 1101 Kenyon St. NW. www.imremembering.com. $12.

David Guetta

David Guetta has the rare honor of being a club-rocking French DJ and dance music producer that people who don't go to megaclubs have actually heard. I don't care if you've never heard of Ibiza and can't name a single Tiesto track - you've danced to "Sexy Chick," Guetta's collaboration with Akon; the Guetta-produced Black Eyed Peas hit "I Gotta Feeling"; and Kelly Rowland's "When Love Takes Over," which won Guetta a Grammy for best remix. But he's more than a pop producer: DJ Magazine rates him as the world's #2 DJ. Guetta's newest album, "One More Love," dropped this week, and it features Rhihanna, Kid Cudi, Estelle and even a Madonna remix featuring Lil Wayne. He's off on a celebratory tour that includes a stop at Fur. Get tickets in advance, and arrive early. Pleasurekraft will warm the club up, but Guetta's going to make it explode when he takes to the decks around midnight.

9 p.m. Thursday. Fur, 33 Patterson St. NE. www.clubglow.com. $40 in advance.

The DC Jazz Loft

Jazz musicians have to hustle pretty hard to make a living. They often juggle music instruction, private events and club gigs. So when do they find time to really get in the wood shed, sharpen their skills and expand the vocabulary of their playing? During bop's genesis in the '40s and '50s, the leading jazz players of the day would move on to after-hours spots once their club gigs were over and jam out until the squares were rising for breakfast. The DC Jazz Loft aims to recreate that environment where musicians push each other's creativity. This installment at the Red Lounge features players from D.C.'s free, straight-ahead and avant garde jazz communities including Matta Gawa and the Bobby Muncy Quintet. Performances start at 7 p.m.; after 11, all musicians - including those in the audience - are invited up to jam.

7 p.m. Sunday. Red Lounge, 2013 14th St. NW. theredloungedc.com. Free, though organizers ask for soap and small donations, which will be sent to earthquake victims in Haiti.

- Fritz Hahn, Rhome Anderson and David Malitz

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