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House censures Rep. Charles Rangel in 333-79 vote

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi formally calls Rep. Rangel to the well of House to be informed of the censure. Rangel closed the proceeding with a one-minute address on the House floor.

In his news conference after the vote, Rangel said he did not regret asking for the ethics investigation that eventually led to his censure. "I am so pleased that the facts came out," he said. He returned, again, to the argument that none of his violations had enriched him personally. He suggested a newspaper headline: "Rangel found not guilty of corruption and self-dealing."

The congressman was asked whether he would be diminished among his peers in the House.

"Charlie Rangel is Charlie Rangel," he responded.

In other words, no.

How did it feel to stand in the well and be censured, the first House member in almost 30 years, another reporter wanted to know.

"Have you got a license in psychiatry?" Rangel said. And after that laugh line, the gentleman from New York turned and walked away.

Staff writer Felicia Sonmez contributed to this report.

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