Russia World Cup 2018: Even without Putin Russian bid secures Cup

Washington Post Staff
Thursday, December 2, 2010; 10:40 AM

Russia has been chosen as the host of World Cup 2018. As the competition between host bidders heated up the decision of Putin to opt out of helping their bid made many skeptical they would win. As AP reported:

With Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pulling out of helping Russia's 2018 World Cup bid, Wednesday's frantic last day of politicking was left to other leaders, princes, actors and models to work their charm on the 22 voters.

Putin's withdrawal and allegation that the bidding process had turned into an "unfair competition" following scandals targeting FIFA dented Russia's stature as a favorite to host the event.

However that was not enough to stop the Russians, as they secured their bid to be World Cup shosts in 2018. Steve Goff gives an inside look at how the decision was made:

To win hosting rights, a bid must receive an absolute majority (more than 50 percent -- at least 12 of the 22 votes). With each failure to achieve that majority, the bid with the fewest votes will drop out of contention. In case of a tie for last place, an intermediate round involving the bottom bids will be conducted. When the outcomes are reached, the results will be placed in envelopes and delivered by a notary to Blatter for the formal announcement.

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