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Obituary: Alfred Masini, creator of TV's 'Entertainment Tonight,' dies at 80

In 1954, he joined the CBS-TV library in New York as a film editor and left two years later to work for an advertising firm.

Mr. Masini helped start TeleRep in New York City in 1968 to sell advertisements for client television stations. The firm grew to represent hundreds of stations, according to his publicist, and entered the TV programming business.

A year after retiring from TeleRep in 1993, Mr. Masini moved to Hawaii and built a mountaintop home with a view of Diamond Head.

At 71, he married his fourth wife, Charlyn Honda Masini, 29, in a celebrity-studded spectacle worthy of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." The 2001 wedding and reception followed a 40-page script and began precisely on time, a Masini trademark.

Survivors include his wife and his sister.

- Los Angeles Times

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