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Donate a little or a lot to Children's Hospital to help sick kids

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By John Kelly
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, December 6, 2010; 1:55 PM

Do you and your office co-workers exchange pointless gimcracks each holiday season? Consider donating that money to Children's Hospital instead.

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Are you wracking your brain trying to figure out what to get someone who has, literally, everything, from an airplane to a zebra? Donate in his or her name to Children's Hospital, and I will send the person a letter informing them of your generosity.

Do you find yourself spending $4 a day on coffee drinks that are full of so-called "empty calories"? Go without for five days and make a $20 contribution to Children's Hospital.

Did you find a $10 bill in an old coat that you've just unearthed for winter? Send $10 to Children's Hospital.

Are you a hedge fund manager who got a $1.6-million bonus this year? Send $160,000 to Children's Hospital.

Did you return from your vacation with a wallet full of euros, pounds, rubles or yen that can't be spent at your local 7-Eleven? Once again, our friends at Asset Strategies International of Rockville will convert foreign currency into good, old U.S. money for Children's Hospital. Wrap it carefully and send it to me: John Kelly, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071.

Does your office have a coffee pot in the break room? Consider sticking a jar next to it and affixing a sign: "For Children's Hospital." Stock the jar with some loose change to give folks the idea.

Has your fraternal organization, sororal organization, poker club, bridge club, drinking club, Morris dancing club, motorcycle gang, hip-hop dance team, amateur dramatic society, Sunday school class or transcendental meditation group considered pooling its money to donate to Children's? Include a note with your gift, and I'll mention your group's name in my column.

In other words, I hope you will make a tax-deductible donation to help pay the hospital bills of sick children. Send your check or money order (payable to "Children's Hospital") to Washington Post Campaign, P.O. Box 17390, Baltimore, Md. 21297-1390. To donate online with a credit card, go to washingtonpost.com/childrenshospital or call 301-565-8501.

Beaver? Dam!

I am happy to report that I am not going crazy. Or, rather, I may be going crazy, but my incipient insanity is not characterized by seeing imaginary semi-aquatic rodents. Several readers wrote in after Monday's column to say that they, too, have seen my beaver.

Michelle Davis was cycling with her kids in Sligo Park when they stopped at the creek. "While we were standing there, two feet away, the beaver burbled up to the surface," she wrote. "It was incredibly cool. . . . I had witnesses so my husband believed me!"

Liz Gould-Leger of Silver Spring and Robert Molyneaux of Gaithersburg both suggested I read James Thurber's cautionary tale "The Unicorn in the Garden" to anyone who doubts my tale.

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