The Most- Fascinating Person

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poll of the Week:

The Most- Fascinating Person

In Barbara Walters's annual, much-hyped ABC TV special devoted to the year's 10 most-fascinating people - a list dominated by magazine-cover-friendly celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Justin Bieber - the newswoman declared that Gen. David Petraeus, lead commander of the war in Afghanistan, is the most-fascinating person of 2010. We asked our readers whether they agree with that assessment. The results, via our thoroughly unscientific online poll:


Walters's annual list fails to fascinate me enough to care who she chose.


Yes, I think he has an important job and is an interesting man.


It should have been Lady Gaga. 7.3 million Twitter followers can't be wrong!


She should have chosen someone as celebrity-oriented as the rest of the people on the list.

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