The Washington Redskins' latest scapegoat is Hunter Smith

Two missed field goals and a botched snap on an extra point in the final seconds ruin the Redskins on a cold, wet day at FedEx Field.
By Mike Wise
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, December 13, 2010; 12:04 AM

An inquiring mass began to descend on the three-foot workspace of the star-crossed man formerly known as Hunter the Punter, who had somehow morphed into that dastardly Hunter the Holder - because, well, we need a villain today.

The holder immediately said not to blame the kid kicker - even if Graham Gano missed two gimmes in the cold and rain. The same went for the young snapper, Nick Sundberg, who hiked the ball a bit high with nine seconds left Sunday afternoon, before it sailed through Hunter Smith's slippery hands and straight into the ongoing, inglorious lore of the Daniel Snyder era.

They are just 23 years old, Hunter said, mere NFL pups.

"If anybody needs to lose their job it's me," the 12-year veteran said after that point-after attempt went bizarrely awry for these deflated, woebegone Redskins, who continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

"I certainly accept blame."

After such a game-ending gaffe mirrored this wasted opportunity of a season, the compassionate part wants to remind Smith of one of the last, emotional scenes in the film "Good Will Hunting." Remember? Robin Williams's character makes Matt Damon's defiant and closed Will break down, repeating over and over, "It's not your fault, son. It's not your fault."

But then I remembered part of the culture in Washington, in politics as well as pro football, is to find a scapegoat for an entire administration's failure.

So, yes, it is your fault, Hunter.



Peace out.

Hey, since No. 92 is not around to pick on anymore, might as well go after the holder.

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