Readers react: A sample of comments from Redskins Insider

Saturday, December 18, 2010

wwc4g: Hmmmm. Should I be interested in watching this tryout game on Sunday? I'm not really.

groundhogdayguy: So how come they aren't benching Cooley to see what Davis can do on down the line? Maybe bench Kyle to see how well Samuels can call a game.

retroskins14 McNabb throws more bounce passes than John Wall.

Devo2: I was a Shannahan apologist for some time but this is a complete fail. The biggest reason being that now we have tipped our hand as to what we are going to do in this year's draft. Now everyone in the world knows we are picking up a QB. So now there is no way we can shift around. Man, it is so hard to stay positive with this team. I'm still diehard and will never root for anyone different, but geez.

NYPDee: I hope this will convince at least some of the doubters that this move isn't about disrespect or God complex or anything else. He is admitting his experiment with DM didn't work out, and now it's time to move on. You can't worry about player's feelings when you are in full rebuild mode.

nuzuw Benching McNabb doesn't bother me. Benching McNabb for Rex Grossman does. That is beyond stupid. If you looked up "Abject NFL Failure of a Quarterback" on Wikipedia, you'd see a picture of Rex's face.

JohnnyBlades McNabb's agent is doing everything to turn attention away from the inept job he is doing as quarterback.

Original_etrod The big concern about starting Rex is that he'll get killed in the pocket, not complete any passes and commit a bunch of turnovers. Considering that's what our season-long starter has done, I'm not that concerned. Top 10, here we come!

BrooklynSkins: What's incredible is giving the Eagles our 2nd round and 4th round picks on what was apparently a hunch.

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