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Newark mayor using robust Twitter presence to reach snowed-under residents

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city did not do as good a job as it should have removing snow. The mayor said most roads are now clear and the cleanup continues. (Dec. 29)

In the past year, Twitter has become an integral part of how many politicians communicate. A report last summer by Guthrie and New York University associate professor Scott Galloway rating the "smartest" politicians using the social network scored Republicans higher than Democrats because of their robust use of Twitter and YouTube.

In New York, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's weather-related tweets have been less personal, and he has taken heat from some residents who are complaining about slow snow removal.

The report didn't mention mayors. If it had, it is likely that Booker would have ranked high. The mayor used Twitter to the same end when the last big snowstorm hit his city.

According to the study, which has not been updated since August, more Democratic senators are on Facebook but use by their Republican counterparts is growing faster. At the time, total "likes" for Republican senators were growing 6.7 percent per month, vs. 3.6 percent growth for Democrats. On Twitter, Republicans were gaining followers growing at a rate of 4.5 percent versus 2.8 percent for Democrats.

Twitter user @Sh0rt_Bus sent out this message Wednesday: "Times Square is completely clear and running . . . so it's pretty obvious where @MikeBloomberg's Priorities were, Gotta make that ball drop! #NYE"

A Brooklynite named Mike tweeted: "Excuse me @mikebloomberg if ur not so busy would u mind sending someone over to 227th and 107th street please."

Bloomberg's response to his constituents on Twitter was staid in comparison to Booker's tweet-a-minute responses. "I know some people are frustrated by the pace of the cleanup," came the tweet from @mikebloomberg. "We appreciate your patience & are working together to do everything possible."

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