Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick 'should have been executed' for dogfighting crimes

Wednesday, December 29, 2010; 4:13 PM

Michael Vick's breakout season has catapulted him back into the news, most recently after President Obama complimented the Eagles on giving the quarterback a second chance. As Perry Bacon Jr. reported this is not the first time Obama has commented on controversial social issues:

President Obama doesn't seem to shy away from the divisive social and cultural topics that Americans are debating in their living rooms, gyms and workplaces.

He has spoken out about the responsibility of fathers to raise their children, has condemned the arrest of a prominent black Harvard professor who said he was the victim of racial profiling, was heard chastising Kanye West for the rapper's rude behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards, and recently said his views on gay marriage were "evolving" from his previous opposition.

On Monday, the buzz was about how the president had weighed in on the redemption of Michael Vick. Obama phoned the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to praise the team for giving a second chance to the quarterback, who is again a National Football League star 19 months after leaving prison for his role in a horrific dogfighting ring that killed pit bulls by electrocution, hanging and drowning.

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On Tuesday, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson gave his opinion on Vick's comeback, as Cindy Boren recounted:

Filling in for Sean Hannity on Fox News, Tucker Carlson reworked the penal code and dropped a small bombshell, saying that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick "should have been executed" for killing dogs.

"I'm a Christian. I've made mistakes myself. I believe fervently in second chances," Carlson said as he filled in as host of Sean Hannity's Fox show. "But Michael Vick killed dogs and he did it in a heartless and cruel way. I think personally he should have been executed for that. He wasn't."

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As AP reported Carlson, who was filling in for Sean Hannity at the time, was not merely angry that Vick received only jail time for his crimes:

Carlson was guest hosting for Sean Hannity's show on Fox News Channel on Tuesday night when he made the remarks. He led a panel discussion about President Barack Obama commending the owner of the Eagles for giving Vick a second chance after his release from prison. Vick served 18 months in federal prison for running a dogfighting ring.

Carlson, a conservative commentator, is angry that Obama told Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie he believes people who have paid for their crimes should have the opportunity to contribute to society again.

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